i don’t really care about straight men who want to wear eye liner or concealer and are afraid because they’ll look gay, i care about queer people whose sexuality is so hated and stereotyped that straight people have to be reassured no one will think they’re one of them

My humanity is not debatable therefore I need not to reason with the opinions of racist, misogynist, or an homophobic character. Your mind has already been set to look down upon me and any most cases hate me. Your “opinion” doesn’t hold weight when it’s blatantly rooted in someone’s degradation.
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Can you pass on some serious props to the creative team? Darn near the entire cast of Khans is dressed or armored sensibly, including the females.
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Serious props will be given.

Given that KOT is based off panasiatic cultures, this is especially beautiful, given the horrible tendency in fantasy to associate asian cultures with “me love you long time”.

I love this song.

Show’s over, folks. Spinosaurus really was a freaking draconic weasel thing.

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Ok so black isn't always evil. But its iconic creature is the absolute personification of pure evil. Does black have an image problem?
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The issue isn’t that black can’t be evil. The issue is it isn’t always evil.

@beyond-malachi: You don’t understand the color pie, do you? White can be exceptionally evil, and in fact has been so multiple times in canon. Why the hell do you think crusades, extremism and xenophobia are parts of it’s domain?

I’m thinking about watching the new Sabrina Hub show, but honestly I can’t get past the fugly CGI. There are times indeed where the visuals destroy the story telling.

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What's green about the Sultai?
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It’s a clan that lives in the forest run by a snake woman (aka a Naga).

But Oona was a fairy lady in the forest and she wasn’t Green…

Having read Shadowmoor/Eventide, I can confidently say Oona is/was very much BUG in personality (no pun intended). She’s herarichal, power-hungry, callous, habitual… and also a manipulative brooding mother of a broodmother, who happens to be a giant flower. There’s also a “You Cannot Fight Fate” streak to her monologues, which is very Green.

That is very Green indeed. “You can’t fight fate” pretty goes against Blue’s core philosophy.


New planeswalker concept for the M:EM.

Natanalok imageimage


Natanalok is an elk-folk. He resembles an anthropomorphic wapiti, bearing a brown hide that it’s of a darker tone on the head and limbs and with an almost white/silver colouration in the torso[1], a pair of massive and…