AU of Guardians of the Galaxy where everything is the same except Rocket Raccoon is actually a tanuki (raccoon dog)



It’s so frustrating to be a fucking 15 year old girl that wants to do something about all the homophobia and racism and all the shit that’s wrong in the world, because literally no one listens to our opinion.

We’re either too young or too dumb (or both) to know what we’re talking about, but seriously, you don’t have to be Einstein to see that there is something wrong in the world right now.

Everyone deserves equal rights.

You said: "the popular “not a choice” rhetoric in liberal queer/trans communities is an appeal to cisheteropatriarchy"... I'm sorry, but this is just fucking bullshit. When people say "it's not a choice" they're not placating to your compound words, they're fighting a terrible misconception that the queer community is choosing to disobey God's law. SERIOUSLY. MOST OF THE COUNTRY STILL THINKS THIS. It's not saying "we're lesser" it's saying "OUR EXISTENCE IS NATURAL." I mean, what the fuck?


haha you sound so fucking white. and if you are a person of color, then to quote one of my major influences, owning-my-truth, get off your knees. the concepts of binary gender and heterosexuality are inherently tied to white/western supremacy, and are tools of colonization(often tied to and/or justified by Christianity, though these things are not inherent in that religion).

you are literally just strengthening my earlier points, we don’t need to make ourselves palatable and understandable in order to gain basic acceptance. it doesn’t matter if our existence is fucking “natural” or not we still deserve basic humanity. we don’t need basis in western science or any sort of biological explanation to be valid either


Er, some african societies are/were homophobic, though yes, the concept of heterosexuality is a modern, western one, as is the concept of sexuality as a thing. And the anon is a moron regardless

Me: Man I really liked the Red Lotus and I'm actually really sad that we won't see P'li, Ghazan, or Ming Hua next season. Maybe I can find some cool fanart or cute shippy stuff of them in the tags----
Me: Why do I bother.

PDA Hypocrisy (typical example from The Advocate's Eliel Cruz)

Straight couple: *gropes each other in public*
Same-sex couple: *holds hands*

Daily (geddit) reminder that A) the Sun is a goddess in germanic paganism and B) Day is an actual personified deity.

Keep this in mind when browsing on reconstructionist nonsense that Baldr, Odin or Thor are the solar deity. Freyr at least has an excuse because of the “control of sunshine” Snorri gives him.